Spuri® red 500 ml, 125ml
We are developing the SPURI® fuel-additive for 26 years and we are proud of that we are the oldest market participant. Owing to the continuous development SPURI® can be used in all vehicles regardless if these are old or new. Continuous usage gives solution to many problems. SPURI® reduces the wear and the injurant output, optimizes the combustion and prevents the coky sediments in fuelsystem. SPURI® is more effective than a premium fuel because SPURI® contains the active ingredients more concentratedly.
  • It has complete cleaning effect from the gas tank to the exhaust system.
  • Contains anti-wear agents.
  • A cooling layer protects your engine against extreme temperatures caused by combustion.
  • Dispergates harmful condensed water inside the exhaust.
  • Protects metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Provides sortimentation
  • Thanks to stabilizers increases fuel's expiration date
  • Has anti-freezing and anti-icing effect.
  • Maintains the fuel pump, the injector and the carburetor.
  • Cleans the combustion chamber, preserves the valves.
  • Ideal for removing built-up oil residue in the cooling system.
  • Mixed into the exhaust fumes, the components of Spuri are protecting and maintaining the EGR, the turbocharger, the catalyzer, the carbon filter and the NOx converter.
  • Keeps the vehicle sensors clean
  • Contributes to the flawless operation of the ECU
SPURI® red
500ml, 125ml
spuri ikon
It reduces the consumption by 8-12 %
spuri ikon
It optimizes the combustion and makes balance in the quality of it
spuri ikon
It reduces the wear therefore extends the lifetime of components
spuri ikon
It prevents the coky sediments in the engine and in the whole fuelsystem
spuri ikon
It reduces the engine noise
spuri ikon
SPURI’s anti-freezing and anti-icing effect provides easy start also in winter.
spuri ikon
It rises the car’s performance
spuri ikon
SPURI eliminates the blighting influence of biocomponents (bio-ethanol, E10) in fuel. (see details by FAQ)