frequently askedquestion

  • What kind of cars can I use SPURI to?

    Continuous usage of SPURI® fuel-additive is recommended by all refueling to any enginetype, to petrol and also to diesel

  • Can I use SPURI® also to motorbikes?

    Yes, you can use SPURI® to motorbike, motorboat and also to any internal combustion engines. IMPORTANT: SPURI® fuel-additive doesn't provide lubrication. For two stroke engines it's necessary to use engine-oil.

  • What kind of dosage do I have to use?

    SPURI® 500 ml fuel-addtive is enough to 250 liter fuel. SPURI® 125 ml fuel-additive is enough to one fueling; so to 62,6 liter fuel. The rate is 0,2-0,3%. Other dosage does not cause any damage even the double overdosage. However overdosage is not recommended because it won't be more effective.

  • How long does it worth it to use SPURI®?

    SPURI® fuel-additive improves the quality of the fuel that is why it worth it to use continuously.

  • When can I realise the effect of SPURI®?

    In many cases SPURI® fuel-additive already takes effect after the first usage but really good achievements appear after 4-6th refueling. To use SPURI continuously is recommended to keep the effects.

  • What kind of blighting influence has the rate growth of biocomponents in fuel? Can SPURI® eliminate these?

    Yes, SPURI® can. The new rule is that the fuel can contain max 10% biocomponents. It doesn't matter how little this rate is because the biocomponents can not burn perfectly. It causes wearing out, sediments and lot of abnormal workings. One of the parts' failure causes the breakdown of the other parts too. The abnormal working indisposes almost all of the parts. In every petrol station it is obligatory to get the biocomponents rate into the fuel. That is why the blighting influences have to be eliminated with such a fuel-additive which can cancel the negative features of biocomponents. The goal of SPURI is to present much better quality from any fuel - for all costumer and for all vehicle!

  • Can I use SPURI® to petrol and to diesel too?

    Yes, you can use SPURI® to petrol and to diesel too. You can use it also to gas. In this case you don't pour SPURI® in the gas tank but in the conventional fuel tank.

  • How can I pour SPURI® in?

    You can infuse SPURI® fuel-additive in the fuel tank also before, during and after refueling.

  • Can I use SPURI® to car with particulate filter?

    Yes, of course. SPURI® optimizes the combustion therefore reduces the injurant output and that is why extends the working life of particulate filter.

  • Can I use SPURI® instead of engine oil or with engine oil?

    SPURI® is a fuel-additive. You can infuse it only and exclusively in fueltanked. Don't use it on any terms instead of engine oil and don't infuse it to the engine oil in the engine block.

  • Where can I buy SPURI®?

    You can buy SPURI® fuel-additive in our website, in our offical webshop