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FuelGin Ltd. Is the exclusive distributor of Spuri fuel-additive in Germany and in Poland. The producer of Spuri is Szaki Ltd.

„The first thought about experimentation came up in 1993 when the demand changed in connection with the low-efficiency fuel-additives. The goal of Kálmán Farkas - the inventor of Spuri was to produce a really good product which doesn't only make promises but proves too., Lot of chemists and engine-builders was charged to achieve the extreme, insolvable-looking, special ideas of Kálmán Farkas who is a developing-engineer and the owner of Szaki Ltd. After long-years of working, developing, experimentation and testing the fuel-additive was developed which exceeded the expectations of market. Today Spuri is a justly recognised and indisputably effective product. A brand with really excellent quality!

The fuel-additive has to fit to the new engines and to the new fuels that is why the continuous development is necessary which represents the all-time high technology. Production of Spuri requires lot of energy but it is done 100 % with solar energy. The factory is totally eco-operation since 2015.

We are proud of that not only the usage of Spuri is environmentally friendly but its production too. ”

Our goal is to reach all european consumer with Spuri high-tech product.

Spuri what makes the engine happy

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This zooms-in really well and smooth




This zooms-in really well and smooth


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